Cage for the alabai

Everyone knows that it is better to keep a Central Asian shepherd in your home. But at the same time, they are not chain dogs, and require a certain freedom of movement. And the best option in this case is an enclosure for Alabai. What it should be and is it possible to build it yourself?

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Requirements for an enclosure for alabai

Area. Alabais are large and powerful dogs, so a small cage will definitely be cramped for them. Especially since it is necessary to place a kennel, a place for eating and space for free movement. Taking all this into account, the size of an aviary for Alabai should be at least 10 square meters. A large area is welcome, but to reduce it in no way possible.

If it is built for several inhabitants, it is necessary to add 5 square meters for each pet. Bitches will need more space, since their content implies the emergence of offspring, which also dwells for some time with the mother.

Height. Alabais have a strong breeding instinct, which allows male dogs to swing over three-meter fences, in search of a “bride”. Therefore, the fence must be as high as possible.

This peculiarity causes the prohibition to place the kennel close to the fences. Alabais can easily swing over any fence after climbing on the roof of the kennel.

Floor. As for flooring for the aviary, it must be combined. Concrete is not recommended, as it is cold and may lead to various diseases of a pet. It is best to partially asphalt the area.

The rest of the floor is made of softwood boards. Wood is able to maintain a good climate – not to overheat in the sun and not to freeze in the cold. Of course, it is more difficult to clean the wooden flooring. Of course, the pet must be walked, otherwise the floor in the aviary will very quickly fall into disrepair.

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The simplest and cheapest option is to enclose the land plot without building the floor and ceiling. But alabais are notorious diggers, so we must be prepared for the fact that the dog will dig the earth under the walls. And, in addition, in rainy weather, the pet will have to stay in the kennel all the time.

Roof. Therefore, it is still worth thinking about the comfort of the pet and make him a roof. It can be made of profiled sheeting, flexible shingles, ondulin or metal tiles.

Door. The front side of the aviary must have a full-fledged door, not a manhole. It is necessary not only for the dog, but also so that a person could safely enter. For the sake of safety, it should open inward. It will be advisable to equip the entrance with strong bolts, made of metal, or a large padlock.

Overview. The main function of the alabai is to guard the territory, which means that the aviary should be located where the dog can see the entire yard, or in the most vulnerable place for intruders to enter.

Material. Naturally, when choosing materials, it is necessary to take into account the physical data of Central Asian sheepdogs. Flimsy structures will not be able to withstand the pressure of such a powerful beast. The support structure should be installed deep into at least a third of the entire length and poured with concrete. Rabitz wire netting often used as an enclosure would not be suitable in this case, as it is often gnawed through by alabais.

Aviary for alabai with your own hands

Of course, by turning to professionals, you can order absolutely any aviary project, up to brick structures. But here is a simpler version can be made on their own, given that, despite the endurance, the pet still needs protection from the weather.

Without any special construction skills and financial means, you can build a structure from a metal profile by welding a galvanized welded mesh to it. It will not take much time and money.

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Photo of enclosure for alabai

More complex, costly, but also practical, is the installation of metal pipes (digging must be accompanied by concreting). Lattices are welded to the base. To make the aviary last longer, it is necessary to prime all metal parts and cover with enamel. It is recommended to use the method of hot painting.

Implies the mandatory installation of a door with reliable locks. Flooring is better to be made of pre-grinded boards. To increase the service life, it is desirable to treat the surface of the floor with special solutions that protect the material from decay.

The roof is constructed using lightweight beams and covered with ondulin. To protect the pet from the wind, the walls of the aviary (one or two) can be lined with polycarbonate. The front side must remain visible so that the alabai can perform its guarding duties.

To provide shade and coolness in the summer heat, a climbing plant can be planted by one of the walls of the enclosure. This is the most advantageous option for keeping a Central Asian shepherd dog, without harming the pet itself.

Demonstration of the aviary with their own hands on the video

Operational qualities of the kennel and aviary

It is not enough to simply build a construction, it is still necessary to properly care for it:

  1. Cleaning the aviary. The place where the pet is kept must be clean. The aviary and the surrounding space should not be cluttered with unnecessary objects. Twice a day it should be swept. Excrement must be removed, for this purpose there should be a special spatula and a container, which is also emptied as it fills. Remains of bones should also be removed from enclosures in a timely manner. The aviary should be washed at least once during the warm season with water. In order that water from cleaning or rain does not stagnate in the aviary, it is recommended to arrange ditches or trays along the aviary. They should have an obligatory slope, so that the water flows spontaneously into the sewer, or a special container. Of the necessary cleaning equipment one should have: several iron shovels, a broom, boxes, a wooden and iron shovel, and several large buckets. See why dogs eat excrement.
  2. Disinfection. An obligatory activity that should be carried out monthly in the summer, and once every three months during other periods. A three percent solution of creolin or lysol can be used. It is prepared by dissolving the substances in warm water. For spraying on the surface it is most convenient to use a hydropult, distributing the liquid on the walls and floor. Disinfection is carried out only after thoroughly cleaning the aviary, clearing it of debris. You may allow your pet into the cage only after the treated surfaces are completely dry. To make the wood last longer, it is not necessary to carry out frequent wet cleaning. After the event, the wood should be sure to dry out.

The aviary should not be allowed to overgrow with vegetation. The distance between the decorative plant and the wall should not be less than 20 cm.

In winter, the roof must be cleaned regularly, otherwise a layer of snow can simply push it through. It is also recommended to clean the perimeter of the aviary from snowdrifts, especially in periods of warm weather and possible snow melting.

In cold weather you can take care of your pet and cover the entrance to the kennel with a tarp. This is especially important for puppies. For the same purpose, the floor in the kennel is covered with straw. The bedding must be changed at least once every seven days.

Breeding a Central Asian shepherd, it is worth bearing in mind that this is not a companionable creature and is not suitable for keeping in an enclosure with other animals.

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