Petit Brabancon

Petit Brabancon is a breed of dog that has many names. For example, it is also called the Brabant Griffon. The breed is not named after the mythical winged creature. In translation from the French “Griffon” means a stiff-haired one. Belgium has given the world three kinds of griffons, among which is the Brabant little one.

History of the breed

Belgian Griffons can not boast of a long history and go back to the hoary antiquity. The Petit Brabancon is little more than 100 years old. In the XIX century Belgium bred a breed which is represented by 3 types of dogs: the Belgian and Brussels Griffons with stiff hair and the short-haired Petit-Brabancon. Petit Brabancon-1

The researchers suppose that the ancestors of the Petit-Brabancon are German Affenpincher and mongrels from Belgium. The breeds are distinguished by their small size, tough coat and are excellent rat catchers.

The Petit Brabancon bravely fought rodents in port warehouses, stables, and poor people’s homes. But in the XIX century cute funny creatures interested aristocrats and turned a brave little man into a “salon” toy.

Ladies liked not only almost human expression on the muzzle of the pet, but also the important fact that the Griffon practically does not shed and does not leave hair on expensive dresses.

A great admirer of the Griffon was Queen Henrietta of Belgium. She in every way popularized and promoted the breed, supported the annual exhibitions. It was thanks to her efforts the first representatives of the breed were included in the St Hubert Breed Book (1883).

Pampering greatly impaired the working qualities of the little ones. In addition, wanting to improve the ornamental appearance of the Griffon, it was crossed with a large number of breeds. World War II led to a reduction in the number of Belgian Griffons. Today it is a rare and expensive breed of dog.

Description of the Petit Babanson breed

The first standard of the breed was approved in 1904, then it was changed and clarified several times – in September 1963 and in May 2003. According to the latest standard, the appearance of the Petit Brabancon must meet the following parameters:

  1. The skull is broad, round with a domed cranial part. The head is covered with short stiff hair. There are no ornamental hairs on the muzzle, forming a beard, whiskers and eyebrows.
  2. The foot is sharply pronounced. The muzzle is very short compared to the rest of the skull. The nose is upturned with large black lobe and open nostrils. The speculum is at the same level as the eyes. In profile, the nose mirror, forehead and chin are in the same plane.
  3. The jaws are pronounced overbite – the teeth of the lower row go behind the upper row. The incisors are positioned vertically. The mouth is tightly closed. It is unacceptable that the doggie’s tongue or teeth are visible. The chin is large, relief, protruding. The lips are dry, tight to the teeth, pigmented black. The upper lip should not overhang the lower lip.
  4. The eyes are large, not strongly convex, widely spaced. The iris is dark in color. Preferably, when looking directly at the whites of the eyes are not visible. The eyelids are rimmed in black, eyelashes long and black. Petit Brabancon-2
  5. Theears are small, set high, semi-erect, hanging down on the cartilages forward. In the past ears were trimmed as a pointed standing triangle. Nowadays more and more dogs have natural ears.
  6. The body is strong, square with a broad and deep chest. The back is straight, strong, muscular, short with a convex withers. The length from shoulder-blade joint to the sciatic should be as high as possible at the withers. A slight slope to the tail is admitted.
  7. The limbs are of medium length, straight and parallel. The paws are oval, small, compact, with black claws and pads.
  8. The tail is long enough, sometimes with two thirds of its length. In its natural state it is saber-shaped and erect. The tip pointing to the back, but should not touch it or curl.

The body is square with big round head, firm and well-muscled. It is the discrepancy in the size of the head and torso that gives this creature a funny look. The height of the baby Griffon varies from 25 to 16 cm, and weight – up to 4 kg, although there are examples of 6 kg.

Color and coat

The coat is short – the length of the psoovina is on average 2 cm. The coat is shiny and tight to the body. The hair is straight.

The color is also diverse, which confirms the abundance of breeds involved in the creation of the breed. The following coat colors are allowed:

  • black; Petit Brabancon-3
  • deer; Petit Brabancon-4
  • black and tan; Petit Brabancon-5
  • black with reddish shades of hair (mixed). Petit Brabancon-6

Puppies of hard-haired Griffons can be born with a dark color, and after the first trimming the color changes. If there are tanning spots, their color should be rich, stable. The spots are located on the limbs:

  • front – from the metatarsals to the wrist;
  • hind limbs: from metatarsus to hips.

Underparts are allowed on the inside of the limbs, on the chest, around the ears and in the anal area. There may be a mask on the muzzle. White patches and hair on the chest are discouraged.

Character traits

The character of the Brabancon is independent, proud, which is not combined with a toy appearance. The doggy is extremely attached to its owners and treats them with great tenderness. Thanks to the expressive muzzle, the doggie’s emotions are obvious and humanly diverse. Doggy senses the mood of the owner and behaves accordingly.

Kind, peaceful and very intelligent Griffon is an excellent companion. He gets along well with all family members, but especially affectionate to the owner. The dog is not annoying in his displays of affection, and, although the Brabancon cannot bear loneliness, he will not annoyingly pester, begging for attention and affection.

It will never upset its owner, and will try to please him, share his problems or joy. However, despite the funny toy appearance, the Petit Brabancon is a fearless and courageous guardian. Not without reason, medieval coachmen took the little fellow travelers with them on their journeys, and during stops, they bravely guarded the carriages from thieves and robbers.

Despite the lack of aggression, there is no timidity in the dog’s character. Both traits are undesirable in the breed. They get along well with other pets without losing their own dignity. The dog has a balanced nervous system and responds adequately to the proposed circumstances.

An amazing feature of the character of “Brabancon” is his perfectly developed sense of humor, absence of vindictiveness and vindictiveness. The dog will understand jokes and will not hold a grudge on unsuccessful pranks.

“The little dog is a puppy to death” is about the Brabancon. He is playful, fidgety and funny from puppyhood to old age. An active participant in children’s games, the little guy is tireless and inventive in them.

A high degree of attachment to the family does not allow you to leave the little Griffon in a dog hotel or with unfamiliar people. It is better to take the doggie with you on trips and trips. He will gladly absorb new impressions and enjoy the company of his dear family.

Rules of upbringing and training

Training a baby Brabancon is not difficult even for an inexperienced educator. Thanks to its intelligence and excellent memory, the dog easily remembers commands and learns even the meaning of words. But the dog will not respond to rudeness and the desire to “break” the character. In his training it is important to trust, understanding and respect.

Each command must be supported by encouragement for correct execution. Researchers believe that the intellectual development of the doggie corresponds to the level of a three-year-old child, so the action and the consequence should be clear. Petit Brabancon-7

If the education is engaged in the master of the Griffon, he does not need to assert his authority – he already stands at the top of the hierarchical ladder. Therefore, he needs patience, tolerance and kindness. The desire to please will lead to quick and clear execution of tasks.

When raising a dog, you should remember that the dog is, after all, a predator, and displays of aggression, the desire to bite or attack should be suppressed immediately, so as not to grow uncontrollable beastie. Dogs involved in agility.

Care and health

Pti-Brabancon needs minimal care, and loyalty and unconditional trust to the owner makes it easy to perform all, even the most unpleasant, procedures. Short fur of the baby does not require trimming, as “coats” of its two brethren. It’s enough to brush it once a day with a special brush to give the coat a shine, clean the dust and dead hair.

You should only wash your dog if it is very dirty, using dog shampoos for the procedure. Dogs are prone to colds, that’s why we shouldn’t bathe them in winter, and after washing we should dry their coats with a hair dryer.

Your baby’s ears and teeth need care. They should be cleaned once every 1-2 weeks. To prevent their claws from cracking and crumbling, they must be trimmed with a claw tool. The expressive large eyes of the Petit Brabancon also require care. They need to be inspected and wiped with a soft cloth or a hygienic disc soaked in warm boiled water.

Of course, the baby is not a working or hunting dog that requires high physical activity, but in order to keep the dog’s muscles always in good shape, you need to walk him 1-2 times a day. Curious and sociable dogs can suffer from encounters with large dogs or vehicles. To exclude the risks, it is recommended to walk with the pooch, keeping him on a leash.

Another characteristic of the Griffon is their irrepressible desire to “try everything on the teeth. During the walk, he’s happy to pick up the “goodies” from the pavement. A muzzle is not always able to protect the animal from poisoning or injury, so the dog must be trained to prohibit commands from an early age and demand to obey them accurately.

Breed diseases

With proper care, Brabancons can live more than 14 years. They are dogs with good health, but they can also have genetic diseases. The characteristic structure of the skull causes pathologies of the eyes:

  • cataracts;
  • eyeball prolapse;
  • Retinal detachment.

In addition, babies are prone to colds, and they often have bronchitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system.

Feeding peculiarities

Feeding the poultry Brabancon must be paid great attention, because the dogs love to eat and are prone to overeating and obesity. Not only the volume of food should be controlled, but also the number of feedings. Babies are fed 4-5 times a day and adult dogs are fed 2-3 times. Petit Brabancon-8

The ration is usual – meat, cereal, fruits and vegetables, dairy products. At 2 months, the diet of the griffon can diversify the cartilage and raw bones, except for chicken and pork.

When feeding ready-made foods, you should buy good quality products for active little dogs. For correct posture in griffons, special bowls with adjustable height should be used for feeding, to change it as the pet grows.

Keeping a dog

The dog is excellent for keeping in a city apartment. He will not be “waving” on the floor, he is neat and does not bark unnecessarily. The dog does not require high physical activity and can be trained to go to the litter box or to the diaper. But you should not neglect walks and games.

Griffons show a natural tendency to protect their territory, so the dog is distrustful of strangers, and will warn of their approach with a loud bark. High sensitivity to the emotional background in the family requires taking this factor into consideration when deciding to buy a Petit-Brabancon puppy. Gloomy, reserved, hysterical or scandalous people should not have this empathic dog.

The cheerful, playful dog should have his own toys. Educational toys to meet the doggie’s intellectual needs should also be provided. Your baby should have his or her own cozy place to sleep in a quiet, warm corner.

But babies love to sleep in their owners’ beds. Therefore, the Babanson will always beg for a blanket, but do not overdo it if they feel that the owner is against it or not happy. The main condition for the dog’s happiness and longevity is the love of the family. Without reciprocal feelings, the doggie will simply “grow bored” and may refuse food and water.

Photo of a Petit-Brabancon Petit Brabancon-9 Petit Brabancon-10 Petit Brabancon-11 Petit Brabancon-12 Petit Brabancon-13 Petit Brabancon-14

Video about the Petit Brabancon

Petit puppy price

The cost of puppies is quite high and amounts to 600-1500 dollars. The price depends on the expression of breed characteristics.

Petit Brabancons are considered to be the cutest dogs of our time. Deciding to buy such a purebred pet, you should know that he will become the best friend, loyal and intelligent companion to a person of any age.