In the history of dog breeding, there are many cases where crossing two or more breeds gave excellent results. The same can be said about the cocker spaniel, the cocker poodle, which was bred from two popular dogs, the cocker spaniel and the poodle. From both relatives, the poodles took the best and became excellent companions. It is a relatively young breed, but has already gained popularity in many countries.

History of the origin of the breed

The Cocker Poodle is a representative of the designer breed, which appeared in the 50s of the 20th century. This was due to the desire of breeders to get a new type of dog without hereditary diseases. Cockapoo-1

The miniature poodle and American (and possibly English) cocker spaniel were taken as the basis. Already the first litter consisted of cheerful, kind and positive puppies. This pleased the breeders, because they did not expect that the selection would bear such fruit immediately. Almost immediately the breed was taken for breeding, and the active sale of these funny babies began.

At that time, two approaches were used to obtain offspring of the cockapoo breed: in the first case, two representatives of the species were knitted together, and in the second, a poodle and a spaniel were crossed. The second method was considered classic and was used more often.

The emergence of the first official club occurred in 1999, its members have created a world standard breed. At the same time was approved the only way to obtain offspring – breeding Cocker Poodles, using already existing adult dogs of this breed. It takes into account the fact that the offspring belonging to the “first generation” does not have the full set of qualities that purebred puppies have.

Cockapoo Breed Description

Unfortunately, the cockapoo is still not recognized by the international canine communities. Therefore, and unified, approved standard norms do not exist. Representatives of the breed are perfectly built, look very active and energetic. They look more like poodles than spaniels:

  1. Cocker Poodles have a beautiful, expressive head, proportional to the torso. The skull is rounded and the muzzle is well defined.
  2. The eyes are expressive, round, most often with a dark brown iris. The gaze is interested, laughing.
  3. The nasal lobe is pigmented in dark color.
  4. Theears are low, elongated, drooping, covered with long locks of hair.
  5. The Cockapoo is a stout, stocky dog, with a heavy body, well-developed chest and straight back. The neck is medium, the lumbar girdle is short.
  6. The limbs are long enough, well-muscled, straight, with rounded feet.
  7. The tail is of moderate length, can hang down, but more often is raised in the form of a sickle.

There are several varieties of cockapoo, which differ from each other in size:

  • dwarf kokapu – their weight does not exceed 3 kg;
  • The ta-ti – their minimum body weight – 3.5 kg, the maximum – 5 kg;
  • Miniature cockerels – poodles weigh up to 9 kg and their height at withers varies from 35 to 38 cm;
  • Cockapoo – the standard today is quite rare, the weight of such individuals can reach 30 kg.

Colors and coat

Representatives of this breed have an attractive appearance. Cockapoo fur can be wavy or straight, but it is softer than that of the poodle. It covers the body evenly. Any color is allowed, but the following are more common:

  • Various shades of auburn;
  • beige;
  • Pale;
  • black;
  • all shades of brown;
  • apricot;
  • white;
  • cream;
  • silver.

In addition, there are cockapoos of multicolored colors combining two or more colors. Virtually all dogs have spots in the sternum area, on the limbs, muzzle, ears, and around the anus.


The dogs of this breed were originally bred for the sole purpose of obtaining excellent, loyal companions. In fact, the result is exactly that kind of pet. The Cocker Poodle strives to become a true friend and gets along well with all family members – children, adults, people of older generations. The dog is not prone to conflict and always compromises.

You can safely take a puppy of this breed into a house that already has pets. He is sure to find a common language with each of them. You can also get other pets, if the cockapoo already lives in the house. Despite his great love for attention, if another “tail” gets affection, the doggie will not get jealous. Cockapoo-2

These dogs are very curious, no event will not pass by their little nose. And their enthusiasm is impossible not to notice and not to be infected. The owner may not realize how he, thanks to the pet, distracted from the problems and thoughts, and began to rejoice and have fun with his restless four-legged friend.

The dog rejoices, and every little thing. Naturally, this mood is transmitted to the owners of the cockapoo. The peculiarity of all representatives of the breed is a stable behavior and easy-going nature. From poodles these dogs inherited a high intellect, they are incredibly smart and intelligent. They are able to adapt very quickly in any situation, can make quick decisions and act.

In addition, from spaniels, which are, in fact, hunters, the cockerel inherited a sharp sense of smell, so with the appropriate training of them can turn out an excellent assistant. Cocker poodles are companionable dogs, who adore being among people. They are in great need of attention and affection. And if the owner takes care of his pet, it will respond with boundless love and loyalty.

Due to the fact that such a pet will always strive to please its owner, the process of education and training will be easy for both parties. But if the family decides to get such a companion, it should be taken into account that cockapoos are very active and energetic. They cannot do without games and fun, so the ideal option for them is a home with children.

Naturally, you can forget about the peace and quiet, and both cannot be without movement for a long time. Dogs of this breed are social and friendly, but they need early socialization to develop the right character.

Before purchasing a fun puppy of this breed, there are some peculiarities to consider:

  1. Excessive vigor of the cockapoo can be seen as a disadvantage, also not the best quality is their obsessiveness – the doggie can “tail” to follow its owner, participating in any activities.
  2. In addition, the cockapoo is a rather loud pet, capable of playing and shrill barking, and do it not always for good reason.
  3. Another nuance – not having received their portion of affection and attention, the doggie may become gloomy and even show signs of resentment. And it is not so easy to bring the pet out of this melancholic state.

Cockapoo is a dog for the soul, he is sure to become a favorite for all members of the family, it has all the necessary qualities for this.


As already noted, the cockapoo is highly intelligent and shrewd, so they are able to learn the program of any complexity without much difficulty. Obedience lessons are quite easy for them, and with the right approach, the owner gets an executive and disciplined pet.

During training it is necessary to show firmness, but it is necessary to take into account the sensitivity of these dogs. The dog reacts acutely to even a slight change in intonation, so it is not necessary to be overly harsh or rude.

Care and health

The care of the Cocker Poodle is necessary, it is an important component of the health, well-being and appearance of the pet. Regardless of whether your pet’s hair is straight or curly, you should comb it out once every 3-4 days.

Like poodles, it is recommended to have them professionally groomed every 10-12 months, and more often if necessary. If funds do not allow you to take your pet to a pet salon, you should master this procedure and pluck the dog’s dead hairs yourself.

The coat is usually cut by 4-8 cm, and long hair around the eyes and on the pads of the feet must be removed. Wash your dog once every 4 weeks to keep it clean and tidy. If you bathe him more often, his coat will become dull and his skin will lose its natural grease. Cockapoo-3

Mandatory hygiene procedures include the following:

  • ears – it is imperative for the pet to clean the ears, using a soft damp cloth, as inflammation often occurs in them;
  • eyes – his eyes should be examined regularly and washed every 2-3 weeks with boiled water, decoction of chamomile or special cleanser;
  • teeth – it is not uncommon for a cockapoo to develop tartar, and to avoid this you should brush his teeth 3-4 times a week using a special toothbrush;
  • claws – the activity of the dog allows them to be shrunk on their own, but they are still trimmed, but not more often than once a year.

The pluses of Cocker Poodles can be attributed to the absence of dog smell, and in addition, they almost do not shed.


On average, representatives of this breed live 13-15 years. Like other four-legged friends, they require routine vet check-ups and mandatory vaccinations. Breeders managed to get excellent companion dogs, but, unfortunately, their desire to breed dogs without hereditary diseases did not come true.

An important role here was played by the artificial origin of the breeds involved in breeding, which led to the high susceptibility of the cockapoo to various diseases. Among the serious pathologies and disorders are the following:

  • allergic reactions;
  • Hip dysplasia;;
  • epilepsy;
  • gastric congestion;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • Hearing and vision disorders, often of infectious origin;
  • dislocations of the kneecaps;
  • pathological conditions of the liver.

Most problems can be avoided by paying attention to the care and proper nutrition of your pet.


Both cocker spaniels and poodles are big eaters. Naturally, the cocker spaniel has passed on this quality as well. The owner should take into account the dog’s tendency to overeat and provide him with a proper diet, with mandatory adherence to the regime.

There are several rules that help to ensure that the pet has a suitable diet:

  • Give food to the dog at the same time;
  • Do not give your pet any food from your own table;
  • It is recommended that all treats other than dog treats be eliminated;
  • Give the dog treats only for any successes – good behavior, successful execution of commands, etc.

With natural feeding, the basis of the animal’s diet should be lean meat. It can be given with cereals and vegetables. Dairy products should be given regularly, but not more than twice a week. If the owner feeds the pet in this way, the dog will need additional vitamin and mineral supplements. Cockapoo-4

When the dog eats commercial food, it is not necessary to give him any supplements. But you should choose a quality balanced diet, which belongs to the premium or super-premium class.


Cockapoo unpretentious, so suitable for living even in a small apartment, where the pet is sure to find a corner. But do not expect the doggie to be there all the time – he is a ubiquitous creature, by which no event in the house will not pass by.

Such a pet is excessively active, playful and always happy to respond to the call for a walk. However, long and too active promenades are not required. It is enough to walk twice a day in a nearby area and play with the pet for 10-15 minutes. But if the owner began to notice that his pet began to gain too much, then you should increase the duration of the walk and add physical activity.

The smallest of the cockers can be accustomed to the toilet on a diaper, and take them outside only in good weather. Cockapoos are neat and clean dogs, but only at home. Outdoors they transform – don’t miss a chance to lie in the sand or dirt, as well as pick up any “tasty treats” from the ground.

Such playful dogs need toys – different, original, eye-catching, they will not let the dog get bored when he’s alone.

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Cockapoo video

Where to Buy a Puppy

Bred in the United States, the breed is quite popular both at home and in Australia, and many European countries. In addition, it belongs to the elite designer breeds, which is not everyone can afford. In the U.S., there are only 3 mono kennels, offering Cocker Poodle puppies.

  • A pet-class puppy will cost $700 – $1200;
  • Bride-class baby costs about $1500 – $3000;
  • The price of high-quality offspring of show class can reach $4000.

The happy owners of the dog breed Cockapoo sure that the best pet is unlikely to find, and not to fall in love with this positive, affectionate creature is simply impossible. Those who want to check it is enough to let this lump of happiness and fun into the house.