Beaver Yorkshire Terrier

This breed has been around for three decades, and during that period, its representatives have gained many fans, fascinated by these cute creatures. The Beaver Yorkshire Terrier is a spontaneous, affectionate, mischievous dog destined to be a family favorite.

The origin of the breed

There is a legend according to which the birth of the breed occurred by pure chance – in the genes of Yorkshire terriers, responsible for the appearance of white spots in the color, there was a spontaneous mutation. Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-1

The breeders had been working hard for four years to get the new ornamental breed, and in 1988 their work bore fruit – the new little dogs were introduced to the public. They were called Beaver Yorkshire Terriers.

With their fancy coat, petite size and personality it was no wonder that they were quickly adopted. The breed was officially registered in 1989, and the latest standard was approved in 2007.

It may seem that the Beaver is a type of Yorkie, but American scientists have studied the DNA of both breeds and found differences in them. Thus, it became clear that representatives of different species were involved in the creation of the breed.

Description of the Beaver Yorkshire Terrier breed

The Beaver externally resembles a Yorkie – tiny, glorious, with an amazing, soft coat, courageous and companionable. For the owner, this doggie can become not just a good friend, but also a model, which can be styled, braided and decorated with various accessories.

The pet can be dressed up, take it everywhere with you. And if the owner wants to participate with the pet in the show programs, this handsome dog is a great option.

Beaver York is harmoniously, proportionally composed, have a flat, smooth coat, divided by a straight break. Unlike the Yorkie, the Beaver has a different coat color, and the spots are located in a special way, but otherwise they meet the same standard.

As with other ornamental breeds, the bitches of these babies are slightly larger than the males, which is due to their childbearing function. The preferred sizes are height up to 22 cm, weight 2-3.1 kg, females can be 5 higher and weigh 500 g more. In any case, an important aspect is proportionality and gracefulness of physique.

According to the standard, pets look as follows:

  1. Head of proportional size, neat shape, forehead flat, wide. If you look from above, you will notice that the muzzle is shorter than the frontal area. The stop is sharp, going almost vertically, there is a sharp curve before the lobe.
  2. The cheekbones and cheeks are thickened, well covered with fur. The lips are taut, the lower jaw slightly shorter than the nose line. Outwardly the dog seems to be smiling.
  3. Beavers have a full set of small, strong teeth, forming a correct bite. It is allowed to have a pinched bite and the absence of no more than two premolars, but these are undesirable qualities. Doggies have a weak grip. The defects include distortion of incisors, canines, underbite, such individuals are not allowed to breed.
  4. Nose bridge is large, wide, slightly protruding forward, can only be black.
  5. The eyes are small, round in shape, slightly convex, with dense black eyelids. They are positioned higher than the bridge of the nose. The gaze is lively, with slyness and slyness. The color is dark brown, the darkest tones are preferred. Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-2
  6. The ears are upright, covered with adorning hair, spread wide and high, small, triangle-shaped. The ears’ cartilages are thick and elastic.
  7. The body is rectangular in shape, closer to square, with a proportionately long, curved neck and a pronounced scruff and back of the head.
  8. The back is straight, not sharply sloping at the croup. The chest is not wide, but is of decent depth, dropped to the elbows. The keel and ribs are rounded.
  9. The limbs are straight, with harmonious joints, slightly sloping shoulder blades and a strong, muscular croup. The hand is well built, with strong, bent fingers and short claws.
  10. The tail is set high, covered with an abundance of ornamental hair. Cupping is not allowed, only the natural look is allowed. When it is lowered, its tip reaches the hips, but in some individuals it may be shorter.

Wool and possible colors

The advantage of beavers can be called a long, flowing hair, giving the pooch an ornate, luxurious look. It reaches down to the ground, has no undercoat, and is soft and silky to the touch. The standard specifies several possible colors:

  • on a snow-white background, there are markings colored black or blue;
  • The basic tone of the coat is dark, and the sternum, paws and belly area are white.


The Beaver is a happy, cheerful, intelligent and self-confident dog, very contactable and affectionate. These dogs have a very balanced temperament and strong character. Beaver is almost ideal as a companion, quickly becoming attached to absolutely everyone in the household.

Such a pet can be taken in families with children, other four-legged animals – cats, dogs, mice, and the presence of birds in the house will not be a problem. It costs nothing to adjust to the pace of life of people and other members of the team, it’s neshkodlyaemaya and understandable dog. But remember that they are miniature animals, and babies can harm them, which means that you must protect the dog from such contact.

To be happy, the Beaver needs care and attention, and in return, they will adore the whole family boundlessly. Owners themselves can’t resist pampering this adorable pet. But it does not always go to the benefit – as well as other terriers, beavers can be stubborn and willful.

Among the representatives of the breed there are very temperamental, bitter individuals who are willing to defend their territory from strangers, but it is not the majority, but rather a rarity. Particular attention should be paid to the pet when walking, you should not allow the communication with the Beaver with larger relatives, because the bulldog, shepherd dog or other large dog can step on the baby and not even notice.

Education and training of the beaver yorkie

Beavers have always lived side by side with people, and their main task is to be companions, that is, to get along in the family without causing trouble. It’s not a working dog, not a hunter or a guard, so it doesn’t need any special knowledge.

It is enough for the baby to learn the rules of good manners and basic skills. The pet must know how to behave, and what is a bad habit and pampering. Even a tiny but ill-mannered terrier can harm, do little mischief and spoil the mood. And experts are sure that the bad behavior of the Yorkie is 100% the fault of the owner. Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-3

The baby should be accustomed to the collar from an early age, it should know its place and eat where it is supposed to. As soon as you take the baby for a walk, you should take it outside or put it on a diaper or a cloth. Punish for the “puddles” and “puddles”, you can only if the owner caught the pet, as they say, “red-handed”, otherwise, the puppy can not understand, for what reason he got a roughing-up.

It’s important for the dog to learn the command “stop”, so that you can avoid various troubles – eating garbage in the street, ruining things, and other situations. Beavers willingly respond to training – next to the owner they are happy to do anything.

But such a pet is very sensitive to the owner’s mood changes – nervousness, anger, aggression and other negative emotions they will definitely notice and hurry to retreat. Praise, cuddles and treats are the main things that contribute to a healthy learning curve.

Do not let him down if he stubborn – the little cunning dog will probe the dog to see if the owner will let him slack off and if he will obey the command, for instance, not immediately after the first, but after the second, third, or fifth time.

Beavers are playful and inquisitive dogs, so be sure to teach him the command “to me!” so that he is not too distracted during the walks.

Pet Care

Beaver Yorkies need grooming and hygiene procedures, to which the pet should be accustomed from the moment the puppy arrives in the house. In this case, the adult pooch will take all manipulations for granted, without resentment:

  • the baby needs to wipe his eyes in the morning with a cotton disc soaked in boiled water, chamomile decoction or a special product;
  • Daily brushing the doggie’s hair with a massage brush, and long bangs should be gathered into a ponytail;
  • teeth are brushed every 3-4 days, using a special brush put on the finger and toothpaste designed for dogs;
  • bathe beavers often – 2-3 times a month, for the procedures should choose hypoallergenic detergents. When bathing the doggie must cover the ears and eyes, and after wiping it with a towel and drying with a hair dryer;
  • Representatives of this breed need a haircut – this can be done from the age of 4 months, the hygienic haircut is important. Such procedures can be done on their own or entrust it to professionals. If the pooch participates in shows, you can’t do without the help of an experienced groomer;
  • Doggie claws should be trimmed as needed.

Breed diseases

Among other decorative breeds, the Beaver can be attributed to the long-livers, they can live 15 years or even more, but, of course, if they provide proper care and adequate nutrition. But they are prone to various pathologies and diseases:

  • vascular disease of congenital origin – appears already from puppyhood, it can lead to the fact that the pet stops growing;
  • Pancreatitis – develops as a result of poor diet;
  • obesity – the result of overfeeding, treating the pet from the owner’s table, violation of the regime;
  • Legg-Perthes disease – osteochondropathy of the femoral head.

Beaver Yorkers often have genetic disorders, so when you buy a puppy, it is recommended to study the breed line thoroughly.

The regime and diet of beaver yorkies

Choosing natural products as food for the pet, the owner should not forget that his pet is a carnivore. In this case, the basis of the diet is meat – beef in raw form or boiled chicken, turkey. It is recommended to supplement the menu with low-fat sea fish, rumen, and cooked by-products. Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-4

For good digestive tract function, it is recommended to give the pet sour-milk products and season the dishes with vegetable oil. Useful foods are vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can also boil porridge made from rice or buckwheat – in broth or water.

Salty, smoked and sugary foods are contraindicated for beavers. Dogs should not be given bones, hand-fish, fatty meat, baked goods and legumes. Vitamins and minerals will help keep the dog healthy.

You can feed your dog with ready-made dry diets, it should be a quality food consisting of small pellets.

The content of the beaver yorkie

To breed such a tiny pet is possible in any, even quite modest living space. This little clot of energy will fit into almost any family: large and noisy or consisting of 1-2 people, the main condition – the dog must be loved.

In the first couple of weeks of adapting the puppy is not recommended to invite large companies in the house, to bombard the crumb with a lot of attention and affection. Also, do not leave children alone with this vulnerable baby – it’s important to explain to the younger members of the family, how you can treat the new ward.

The puppy can be taught to pee on a diaper before the walks, but like other terriers, he needs daily walks. The pet must have its own place to rest – a mattress or cot, two bowls – for eating and drinking, and plenty of toys.

Yorkies by nature are active, they need to play, frolic, be sure to walk outdoors. For socialization, it is useful for them to be in new places, to communicate with other people and animals.

Photo of the beaver Yorkshire Terrier Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-5 Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-6 Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-7 Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-8 Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-9 Beaver Yorkshire Terrier-10

Video of a Yorkshire Terrier Beaver

Beaver Yorkshire Terrier puppy Price

Beavers, although less popular than Yorkies, are still quite common. There are mono-breed kennels, as well as some breeders simultaneously work with several decorative breeds. In addition, future owners have the opportunity to save money and buy a puppy from a private seller or a pet store, but there are no guarantees of purity and health of the puppy.

The ideal age to buy puppies is 3 months, when they are fully vaccinated and will easily endure the separation from their first family. Breed Beaver Yorkshire Terrier – expensive, so the ad “give in kind hands Beaver puppy”, most likely a deception – the desire to attach a sick or non-blooded animal.

The cost of puppies with a pedigree from the kennel ranges from $1200 to $2400, depending on the class and titularity of the parents.

The owners of Beaver York Terriers are sure that there can be no better pet. This doggie is always happy to communicate with his family, he will accompany the owner in any trip, be there when good or bad. Beaver should be brought exclusively for the soul, to cherish, nurture him, educate and pay attention to him.